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 14 Day Kick-Start

"It's the best decision I have made in years!"   - Lisa Thomas

It's time.

Enough of always doing things for everyone else.

This is a treat, just for you!




"Wow, I didn't believe I could make so many positive changes in just a few days.
This kickstart gave me exactly what I needed to lose the weight because Rose taught me how to never start over again."
 - Anna

Who is Rose Stein?

I'm a mother, health coach and clinical hypnotherapist. 

I noticed there are WAY too many women struggling with body image and self esteem. I was one of them for a long time. 

My first diet was at 10 years old. I connected my self-esteem with my weight and it was a rollercoaster since then.

Until I learned a new way and began helping others find peace of mind, freedom around food, and maintain a comfortable weight.

Today, I help my clients close the gap between their self-worth and what that scale says. This way,  they no longer need  the scale to tell them how to feel that day.

And when you can easily button your jeans...

You're free from a life of shame and guilt around food.

I want that for you too!
What are people saying about the 
14 Day Kick-Start?
It's been easy!
"Less brain fog; less inflammation; no need to snack; 
full 20 pounds lighter!"
Feeling Confident!
"I gained confidence that I can actually do this and I don’t have to be crazy about it. I never have to start over again!"
The hypnosis was the key for me!
"I had never given myself permission to just be me. It feels really  good and I'm not afraid of my emotions anymore."
I don't even want coffee!
"I am drinking more water and less coffee... AND I don't need a nap in the afternoon anymore - it's crazy."

It's Time to join the

14 Day Kick-Start

  • Daily motivation: 14 emails will focus you ONLY on what really matters for sustained weight loss.
  • Hypnosis for weight loss: Hypnosis takes the edge off so your body can naturally release the weight. 
  • Step-by-Step guidance: Proven weight loss plan with easy and quick meal suggestions.

You got this!

"I was counting my macros and doing crossfit everyday, but the scale just wouldn't move. After following Rose's plan, I finally dropped 10 lbs in 14 days. It feels so good."
 - Savannah
ONLY $17!
  • ​Lose weight
  • ​Know exactly what to eat to release the weight
  • ​Have a totally new outlook on dieting and weight loss
  • ​Feel confident with your choices
  • ​Feel comfortable in your body again
  • ​Have tools for stress, overwhelm, and self-sabotage

Loved the Simple and Gentle Guidance.

"Rose's program is so gentle. I just followed the plan and it was way easier than I thought to drop 15 lbs. It's like she cracked the code to sane weight loss."

- April

Not Afraid of Food Anymore.

"I used be afraid of food. There were so many rules and things I was told not to eat. Rose made it simple and now I eat 3 balanced meals a day, I'm down 20 lbs, and feel great."

- Marian

Lost More Weight Than he Could Carry.

"I was struggling with sugar addiction and baking every day. Rose was so kind and compassionate with me. When I finally started taking it 1 day at a time, I dropped the sugar and almost 24 lbs ."

- Maria

Her Favorite Jeans Fit Again!

"With some simple tweaks to my plan and way of thinking about food and my body, I have been easily able to lose weight and feel confident the positive changes will last a lifetime."

- Louisa

With proper guidance, you can do amazing things!

(Set a solid foundation to build a lifetime of health upon)

You can do this!
"I finally feel like food is in its proper place. I get to enjoy food while I'm eating and enjoy life in between. I am maintaining a 30 lbs weight loss. I know it sounds simple, but to me it's a miracle."

- Natalia
  • Reset your METABOLISM
  • ​Supercharge your WILLPOWER
  • ​Boost your MOTIVATION
  •  Feel CONFIDENT with your choices
  • ​Lose Weight with EASE

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14 Day Kickstart
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