The 3 Ways To Take Back Control 
and Lose Weight

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I understand what to eat and why dieting never worked 

It was the first step to my jeans finally fitting

I feel in control of my life and I never have to diet again

I am a good example to my family again

Let's skip all the guess work and 
get down to what really matters...
getting results!

Stay for the entire webclass (75 minutes)
 AND get a 3-Day Kick Cravings Bonus!
Hosted By: Rose Stein, M.A.
proud mother ;-)
     Have you ever blamed the dryer for shrinking your jeans... when really, you know it was probably the late night trips to the pantry?

Ugh - me too!

     My personal journey with weight and health began at 8 years old and continued for many years as I gained and lost hundreds of pounds. 

     Finally, through seemingly endless searching, I finally learned what is needed to change my relationship with food, so I can finally stop blaming the dryer for my tight jeans!

     And I'm here to share that information with you in this amazing (if I do say so myself) Master Class.
Wednesday November 4th, 2020
8:30am PT / 11:30am ET
*Spots are limited. I would never sell or lend your information!

Knowing how to eat for your body and life... 
Instead of constantly going on and off a diet means... 
that you no longer suffer from mood swings, cravings, food obsession or weight fluctuations. 

Instead, you are easily able to make positive food choices, release extra weight and feel confident in the way your body looks and feels. 

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