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I will share:
1). How to end the mindless eating, so you can lose the weight for good.

2). How to stop the self sabotage, so you can feel comfortable in your clothes.

3). Clear and simple nutrition guidance, so you can feel confident with your choices.
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3-Day Kick-Cravings Meal Plan

Tuesday July 20th,
5:00pm PT (8:00pm ET)
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About Rose Stein, M.A.

Founder of the Button Those Jeans Community

I wish I had learned this information back when I just started dieting, at 10 years old. I struggled with gaining and losing weight, constantly on a diet.  Most of the time I felt out of control of my weight and confusion on what to eat and when. Even when I would decide on a diet, I struggled to stay motivated and would constantly sabotage my own efforts. Along the way, I discovered a few things that have helped me finally put an end to that yo-yo dieting cycle.
Even if you have tried "all-the-things" and are frustrated, I promise to give you a no-BS training filled with the most effective and proven strategies for long term health and fitness which will positively impact your quality of life.
My intention for you?  After attending this masterclass, you will never have to say again - - I just need to exercise more.  Stick with me... I'll help you lose the weight for good and get back to living fully!

"I understand what to eat and why dieting never worked." 

"It was the first step to my jeans finally fitting."

"I feel in control of my life and I never have to diet again."

"I am a good example to my family again."

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