Hypnotherapy for Positive Change.

Learn a simple and effective tool that transforms lives!
  • Powerful Change Technique - I will show you exactly how I have helped thousands of people lose weight, quit smoking, overcome fears, phobias and more!
  • Change your mind, Change you Life - learn it, do it, know it, use it.
  • Scripts you can use on self or with others  - PDF or Google Doc you can customize for yourself or your clients. 
  • Weekly LIVE (via zoom) meetings-  1pm-2pm PST - Recordings emailed next day. 
  • Stand alone classes - each week will be a different technique you can use for self or with clients. 
  • Only $2,497 - one time charge for 6 months of life-changing content.
  • Lifetime Access - You have access to LIVE weekly classes as long as they run.
join me Each Wednesday (VIA ZOOM) for the most powerful training around!
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"Once I discovered how to use my mind to create the life I wanted, it was on! The only thing ever stopping me, was me... and now that I know how to take back control, I am finding it absolutely necessary to show everyone the easy way out. Go ahead and join me for an awesome time learning the language of your mind!"
- Rose Stein
Certified Hypnotherapist

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